Dr. T. Veron House

Dr. T. Veron House is the Founder and CEO of House Global Ministries, Inc. “HGM” and the noted author of “Learning to Be Better before I Become Bigger.” He has traveled extensively around the world spreading the gospel of our risen Savior, empowering people to change. He founded the First Kingdom Life Churches in Kampala, Uganda, Africa, Vaughan, Ontario Canada, Jamaica and the United States. In addition, Dr. House served as the Senior Leader and Founder to Life Churches in New York, Kampala, and Kenya with a membership exceeding 51,000 between the locations. First Kingdom Life Churches covers over 400 pastors and churches with a membership of over 195,000.

Dr. House has served in ministry for 24 plus years, he holds degrees in Business Administration, Christian Counseling and Psychology. He began pastoring in 1998, in the capital region of New York State. Shortly thereafter, Dr. House became a covering pastor in partnership with New Hope for Life Ministries, located in Nassau, N.Y. In 2001, T. Veron House planted a church in Syracuse, N.Y. as a result of explosive growth three additional locations were added, in order to accommodate the growing membership. In addition to pastoring his location congregations, he was the former Administrative Assistant to the Apostolic Bishop Dr. Anthony J. Hatcher. In 2002, he was ordained and consecrated as a Senior Prophet of the organization WOFOC. In 2004, he was positioned as a Bishop Designee to which he resigned in 2007. Following his resignation, Dr. House planted Life Church Gathering in Schenectady, NY and shortly afterwards, another location in Albany, NY. In 2018, Dr. Veron House was elevated to Bishop-Designate of International Ministries/Jurisdictional Overseer in Community Church’s of God under the auspices of Presiding Prelate and Chief Apostle Michael Densmore.

Dr. House has been interviewed by a plethora of public figures and has made guest appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the Impact Network as a voice in spiritual matters.

Dr. Veron House is the proud father of three boys, two stepsons, two adopted daughters and one godson. He attributes his success as a parent to the resilience and diligence of his parents and grandparents.

With over 24 years of experience in ministry, Dr. House is continuously sought after for his spiritual wisdom and counsel and is committed to sharing the Gospel and proclaiming the love and redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

Dr. House currently serves as the Senior Pastor of New Life Missionary Baptist Church, where he is committed to empowering people and helping them build their faith through the Word of God.

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